We have to decide where our principles lie during times of doubt and dismay. Now more than ever is the time to prioritize the value of the 5 Essentials and strengthening our bodies from the inside out. The human body is naturally made to heal itself.

Fearless Immunity Masterclass

In the coming years, cancer is projected to be the leading cause of death in the U.S., surpassing heart disease. Yet, like heart disease, there are ways to reduce the risk.

Beyond Awareness

Heart disease is still the leading cause death today as it accounts for 1 in every 4 deaths in the U.S. This equates to one person dying every 36 seconds of cardiovascular related problems.

Cardio Workshop

Pure and simple nutrition starts with rethinking your diet and recognizing that what you eat directly influences the health of your  Many unhealthy foods in the industry exist to make a profit and don't necessarily have your best interest and health in mind.

Nutrition 101 

Children today experience life significantly different than they did 20-30 years ago. Many encounter more stress, toxins, and screen time than previous generations. These challenges result in an increase in chronic health conditions among U.S. children, including asthma, diabetes, obesity, ADHD, depression, and more.


Mom life is a rewarding and active journey filled with hard work, unconditional love, and a splash of chaos. The day-to-day routine often leaves little time for moms to focus on themselves, sleep deprivation, and neglect of overall health. Finding balance and practicing self-care while raising children is essential to internal happiness and prosperity.


When it comes to raising healthy kids and families, everyone has a role. Parents, teachers, friends even the community can impact a child's lifestyle and habits.

Raising Healthy Families

Modern lifestyles take us from the bed to the car to the office, making movement the exception, not the norm. Incorporating fitness into your daily life doesn't mean spending hours at the gym. Small changes to your daily activities can contribute to your overall fitness, even with the busiest schedules.


It is our responsibility as health and wellness professionals to lead our communities to prosperity. This starts with reassurance and direction on how building a strong immune system can fight off any cold, flu, or virus.


There is no denying the keto plan is one of the most popular diets currently trending. With so many people across the world reporting incredible results, there may just be a reason why this unique nutrition plan is getting implemented into their diets.


Health issues related to blood sugar imbalances are on the rise. The CDC estimates over 100 million people in North America have health issues related to blood sugar imbalances and over 80% of them don't even know it. Controlling blood sugar levels is critical for disease prevention, weight management, and feeling imbalanced.

Sugar Crash

The condition of your gut impacts far more than you might realize. Numerous studies have linked the functionality of gut health to diseases, mental health, and the immune system. The 100 trillion microbes or bacteria that live in your gut serve a number of important functions, including maintaining a strong immune system.

Love My Guts

According to the Global Healing Center, we could be exposed to 2,100,000 toxins daily. Download the Spring Clean Workshop to learn how to detox your home and body.

Spring Clean

The beginning of a year is a chance to evaluate the previous year and how you can elevate physically, spiritually, and emotionally. MaxLiving is capitalizing on this opportunity by spreading the wealth of internal health.